Kalum Ko

Destination British Columbia

Destination British Columbia - BC Journeys Campaign

DBC's largest content capture project. 25 vignettes integrated into a platform along with Google Treks and other media. 

View the campaign's platform: BCExplorer.com/Journeys

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Motion Credits

Director + DP: Kalum Ko
UAV Pilot and additional cinematography: Zachary Moxley
Producer: Richard Graham
Trekker Handler & Model: Freddy Elmark
PA: Cathleen Sarmiento
Editor(s): Kalum Ko, Anders Petersen, Zachary Moxley and Dylan Siggers
Composer(s): Patric Caird, Landis Tanaka and MusicBed artists
Colour: Silver Lining Post - David Tomiak
Sound: Ridgeline Sound - Jeffrey Yellen